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FW 2016

Venetian Silk Velvet One Shoulder Gown

Venetian Silk Velvet One Shoulder Gown


A Venexiana woman wants nothing but the best, and that is exactly what she will get in this Venetian silk velvet on shoulder evening gown. While the black velvet formal dress is simple yet timeless, it gets its wow factor from the gorgeous Venetian silk printed shoulder accessory. This handcrafted silk dress of your dreams will be the perfect attire for you next celebration, gala or social gathering. Get ready to have all eyes on you. While each dress is available in sizes 2-16 and made to order, you may also email for a custom order.

• FW2016 – 32
• Venetian Silk, Velvet
• Printed silk top detail
• Sizes 2-16
• Each dress is made to order

Offering exquisite fabrics, focused tailoring and witty embellishments, Venexiana is the go-to fashion house for rock-n-roll haute couture.
Launched in 2003 by designer Kati Stern, currently operated under Globa Moda, the collection is known for its lavish designs, intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship.

While each design is glamorous and red carpet ready, they all feature an electrifying and fun, punk rock undertone. Venexiana eveningwear is meant to inspire the wearer and showcase their true beauty.

Born in Europe, designer Kati Stern is not only an acclaimed fashion designer; she is also a professional architect, a classically trained pianist and a passionate flamenco dancer. Kati’s favorite part of being a fashion designer is seeing a woman in her gowns feeling beautiful and secure about herself. When she is not showing her pieces in New York City, she can be found at her second home in Venice, Italy.

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